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Get commercial, residential and industrial crane services in the Longview, Gilmer, Tyler, TXarea

From heavy equipment relocation to the removal of fallen trees, a crane can provide the heavy lifting power that bare hands can’t. Crane & Mechanical Services of East Texas, LLC offers residential, commercial and industrial crane services.

Our crane can lift up to 18 tons. We work with contractors on all types of job sites to make sure your equipment is safely placed or removed. Call 903-918-5264 today for boom truck service in the Longview, Gilmer, Tyler, TX area.

Safety is our #1 priority

Our cranes can get your materials and equipment where they need to go. Our crane operators have experience with:

HVAC unit placement on commercial roofs
Hot tub placement for residential properties
Heavy debris cleanup
Boat relocation
Mast installation
Tank placement at oil fields
Truss placement for homes and buildings

We’ll inspect your property before any work begins to make sure the job can be completed properly. Contact Crane & Mechanical Services of East Texas today for an estimate on boom truck service & crane services in the Ark-La-Tex area.

We offer years of crane service experience

Crane & Mechanical Services of East Texas opened a few years ago commercially after years of experience operating our own crane in our own service yard and recognizing a need for mobie small crane services. We use truck cranes to serve a smaller market that needs maneuverable services like commercial HVAC unit placement or residential hot tub placement. We can access a lot of places that the big crane operators can’t.

We serve the Longview, Gilmer, Tyler, TX area. On average, we can travel within a 100-mile radius of Gilmer, TX for work, to include the cities of Longview, Tyler, Marshall and Texarkana, as well as Shreveport, and north Louisiana. We operate on an hourly basis with a 3 hour minimum. Call today for a free quote!

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